Las 7 cosas que debes llevar a la prueba del vestido de novia

The 7 things you should bring to the wedding dress fitting

The 7 things you should bring to the wedding dress fitting

After the choice of your wedding dress, the dress fittings come, to give it the last touches and that you are perfect with it. Long but wonderful wait in which you have to have some small considerations before going, and here we tell you what you have to take into account to wear the day of your wedding dress fitting.

Many of you ask me what is necessary to take to the wedding dress test , and although not all are aware, it is one of the most important moments during the wedding process, since It depends on this that your bridal look is the most perfect for you and reflects who you are in essence , since that is how you will finally see yourself on your wedding day and you have to go with the accessories that make you excited and see yourself. totally you on your big day.

It is also important to decide who is going to be the person who is going to accompany you to the dress fitting , for example, go with your mother, sisters or your best friend... since the emotional support that you are going to need at that moment is very strong!

What to wear to the Mother and Daughter Dress Test

The wedding is approaching and everything becomes very real! Besides This person is the one who has to take charge of bringing a pen and notebook to write down all the changes in the dress, since you have to review together that they have been carried out for the next test.

So, Prepare your suitcase, here is the list of accessories to take to your dress fitting:

  1. The shoes : For the first test of the dress you already have to have chosen the shoes you will wear for your big day ! Make sure they are comfortable, like the ones on our collection of shoes , in addition to being the same color as your wedding dress , like ours (unless you wear colored ones). The height of the heels will be decisive for the seamstress to put on the length of your dress, walk with them, sit down, try them on as if it were your big day. Bride shoes
  2. Underwear : remember to bring the bra and the panties that you will wear on your wedding day , it is better that you try on the dress with the panties and the bra, so you can see how it will look and if you need to make any changes, in case mark or protrude from the dress. It is also important that you think about whether you are going to wear stockings, and take them if that is the case.
  3. Makeup and hairstyle : or the closest thing to the look you will wear at the wedding if possible, go makeup and hairstyle as you would on your wedding day! Or at least with the hairstyle picked up by you, so take hairpins, clips and a ponytail holder, along with your makeup, since at that moment you can get an idea of ​​how your hair will look on your wedding day.
  4. Wedding veil : it is important that from the first try on you know if you are going to wear a veil , or so at least on the first try on, wear the wedding dress with a veil that they have in the store. Normally they do not have many models, so try the ones they have in the store and then you can choose from our wonderful collection of bridal veils that we have, whether you choose long or short, it is essential that you get an idea with one on and ask What size would be the ideal for your dress. Veil
  5. Cancan for wedding dress : although many do not give importance to it, the cancan that they usually sell in bridal shops is not usually the right one for everyone, since they always put the same one. I recommend that you ask for second opinions so that they support you with the choice of it, and that you decide with what width of cancan you will be happy that your dress fits . If you have doubts, we can advise you with the choice of your cancan both through chat and WhatsApp. bridal cancan odilia bridal
  6. Bridal accessories : It is also super important that you bring all the accessories that you planned to wear on your B-day, both earrings and choker or only earrings , tiara , headband or headdress and decide if you will wear a bracelet .
  7. Camera or mobile that takes good photos! Remember to take photos with the dress and all the accessories you want to wear; and test some looks without the things that make you doubt, so you can finish making up your mind at home while you see the photos. 

I would recommend that at the very moment of the test you finish deciding on everything you want to wear on your wedding day.

Do not stay with the doubts, ask and comment on all your concerns, it is time to refine details, and there will be no other opportunity to stop them from doing it with time , so be afraid and talk openly about what you feel regarding each detail.

Finally, it is important that before going to the test , you visualize how you really want to see yourself, close your eyes and see if you are wearing a veil, tiara or a headdress, how are the earrings, hairstyle, makeup... so that at least, you get an idea of ​​how you would like to see yourself on your big day ; This way it will be easier for you to get an idea of ​​what you want to take to your dress fitting. Think that the more it resembles the final look that you will wear on the big day, the better!

You just have to relax and enjoy that day!

Here we leave you the checklist with the 7 accessories that you should take to your dress test!

Checklist 7 accessories that you should take to your wedding dress fitting

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