Collection: Chunky Heel Bridal Shoes

The shoes for your wedding are more than an accessory, since it depends on them whether your dress looks as you expect or not. For this, it is necessary that you choose a shoe model that goes according to your idea of ​​shoes for the ceremony . At Odilia Bridal we have different models and designs of thick-heeled shoes so that each bride can find the right one.

Our models of thick-heeled bridal shoes

One of the most comfortable and beautiful bridal shoes are those with thick heels. You can find it in different heights, ranging from 2 to over 10 centimeters, depending on the height you are looking for and the ability you have to wear heels that are too high or, if what you are looking for is a shoe that allows you to be comfortable throughout the day.

These models of ceremony shoes have a thick heel from the heel to the end. In this way you will have more surface on which to lean. Many brides choose them because the tall models are almost the same height as the thin-heeled ones but are easier to wear.

In addition, thick-heeled bridal shoes offer you comfort, since your heels do not support the entire weight of your body. It is an excellent option to use throughout the day without losing style and elegance.

Chunky-heeled shoes come in almost every style, from closed-toed to open-toed. The most popular are open to the midfoot and closed toe. This shoe model is fitted with an ankle strap and is one of the most requested.

Most requested thick-heeled bridal shoe designs

One of our most popular designs is the Coco Bridal Shoes . Its model is the classic bridal shoe with a thick heel, open in the instep area and with a T-shaped strap adjustment. The color of the white Ivory shoes goes well with any wedding dress, especially those made with wedding dresses. tulle or crepe

In addition, it is a very comfortable model, since in its front part it has a platform that goes unnoticed so that the inclination of your foot is little . Another equally elegant design is the Cindy Bridal Shoes with a traditional high model and an opening in both the heel and toe areas.

We have a wide catalog of thick-heeled bridal shoes so you can find the one that is perfect to wear at your wedding. Get the ideal wedding footwear and other accessories you need for your wedding attire among the Odilia Bridal designs.