Collection: Fine Heeled Bridal Shoes

Bridal shoes are a fundamental piece on the wedding day. First they must match the color and design of your dress. Then, they have to highlight your attributes just like high-heeled bridal shoes do. At OdiliaBridal we have the best bridal accessories for you so that you are dazzling on such a special day .

Our thin-heeled models

Each style of bridal footwear is designed to make you feel unique and look radiant. In this case, stilettos, which are fine-heeled bridal shoes, will make you feel comfortable as well as elegant. The stilletto , it is not a heel that is too high although it seems so, they are the perfect measure that will stylize your figure .

In our bridal shoe store you will find the best models of fine-heeled bridal shoes that range from the classics to the current ones. We have shoes with a round toe or a triangular toe, which are one of the closed models most used by brides .

Also in our catalog, you will discover a wide variety of open shoes with a fine heel for brides. A light model with few covers, ideal for those who get married in summer . Also, they are preferred by brides who decide to get married on country estates or even in the countryside, where, using the plugs so that the heel does not dig into the grass, you can look spectacular on this great day.

Another of the bridal models most requested by many is pointed-toe shoes or the so-called peep toes. This is one of the most classic models but it exposes your fingers. With this option, your foot will look more stylized and you will be able to wear one of the most elegant bridal shoes with a fine heel .

Fine heel designs for bride

The white color will always be the most sought after by the bride to combine it with her wedding dress. For this reason, we have fine-heeled Ivory bridal shoes in a spectacular white, which is the same white as the traditional wedding dresses in the stores. These match any wedding dress and stand out for their simplicity.

In addition, we have different shades of white for darker wardrobes. Like the Dona Bridal Shoes , in a hue that is close to gold. These shoes are perfect for models that have lace details in gold or champagne color.

We also have some models of shoes in colors other than the bridal one. For brides looking to stand out with a dark wardrobe, it is an option that matches their look. In the same way, these shoes are perfect for bridesmaids who must be dressed in a different shade from the bride. Ask our advisors for them.

Find your high-heeled bridal shoes among the exclusive models of high-heeled bridal shoes. No matter what style of dress you have or its color, we have the perfect shoe for you . Trust us to buy your wedding shoes at the best price.