Collection: long bridal veils

The long bridal veil worn with a good dress is the representation of the beauty that is hidden and that will soon be revealed in front of the future husband at the foot of the altar.

Odilia Bridal has thought of that special bride and that is why she has put at your disposal a large collection of long bridal veils , because we want to help you choose the one that best suits your personality and your wedding dress .

Types of long bridal veils

You can choose the veil according to the shape of your face, your personality, the design of the wedding dress or the height you have; since these will always be the ideal complement to any modern or more classic wedding dress .

Some of the most requested are:

➡ Chapel veil

The chapel veil is a tradition, a classic among brides; It is one of the longest and even simulates a tail, it goes beyond the dress and can extend several centimeters to the ground.

This model of long bridal veil is ideal to be worn by brides, it also tends to stylize the face of the bride.

➡ Cathedral veil

This is a long bridal veil that starts at the middle of the bride's head, extending to about 8 feet in length. This is the longest veil you can see, it denotes a lot of elegance and sophistication to the princess wedding dress .

It is perfect for elegant and glamorous weddings; You can wear it with your short or long wedding dress .

Due to the shape it has, it is capable of softening the lines of the face in brides with more marked features. A good alternative is to place a touch of volume in the upper area to draw attention to the hairstyle.

➡ Long mantilla

It is a long bridal veil of Spanish origin. This style of veil at Odilia Bridal can be made to order and by hand; it is made entirely of different types of lace ; the most requested are in organza, lace or chantilly .

If what you were looking for was a mantillado type veil, the best option are those with lace details around the veil, which you can find on our website. The mantillados veils are perfect to complement vintage dresses, creating a romantic look, as well as natural.

➡ Veils waltz

The so-called waltz veil is known for its width; It's perfect to shine when it's your turn to waltz to open your wedding ball. It is a single layer that reaches the ankles and you can place it in the front with the help of some combs.

➡ Royal veil

It is believed that veils of this type are generally used in monarchical weddings. The truth is that it is an elegant bridal veil that denotes great majesty to whoever wears it.

This veil can be between 3 and 6 meters long, trailing a great distance after the dress. Very striking embroideries are applied to this type of veil.

It is a single-layer bridal veil , but you can also use it to cover your face.

➡ Cape type veil

The waterfall veil, fountain or also known as the layer-type bridal veil , has a length that goes up to the knees of the bride. In general, it exceeds a meter in length.

At Odilia Bridal we have different types of veils designed for the particular tastes of each bride.

We know that your wedding day is the most special of your life, so if you want or require help, you just have to ask for it from here .