Collection: Veils

Don't you know what bridal veil you want for your wedding? The truth is that we can understand you, there are many bridal veils that we see in stores, which makes it difficult to choose the most suitable one to wear on that special day.

For this reason, at Odilia Bridal we want to lend you a hand and help you choose among the best bridal veils that we have available; the one that best suits your personality and the model of your wedding dress .

Collection of bridal veils this season

At Odilia Bridal we have a very special collection of bridal veils , and you will be able to see that in stock. With our wide range of cheap bridal veils you can ensure that you will get the perfect veil for your wedding day.

Bridal veils are part of our traditions, brides usually wear: veils that cover the entire face, the mantillated veil , shorter veils, veils made with silky tulle, veils with diamonds, cathedral-cut veils , veils with waltz, embroidery and even the most sophisticated gemstones.

Types of bridal veils

There are so many details that we have to see before the wedding, that many times we overlook the fact that the veil of the hand is included in the budget with the price of the wedding dress .

There are those who decide to only wear a headdress, but the vast majority follow the tradition of the bridal veil , even if it takes a little longer to choose.

There are various types of bridal veils on the market and each of them has special characteristics that we should know about; since some lengthen the figure and others highlight the dress; but before making the final decision you must take into account the measurements of the bridal veil to choose the correct one.

➡ Short veils

Short bridal veils are best suited for wedding dresses that do not have much volume. You can get bridal veils with embroidery and more daring details for the most detailed brides.

This bridal veil is an excellent idea if you want to give prominence to the dress you will wear that day; For example, bridal veils for mermaid-cut or heavily draped dresses should be short.

➡ Mantillated Veil

Everything will depend on the dress you wear, but if it is simple and not loaded with decorations, a Spanish mantilla-type bridal veil will come in handy. I assure you that you will look unique on the wedding day, since this veil comes with various designs to choose the one you like the most.

➡ Cathedral cut veil

For the most stylish brides who want to walk down the aisle like a true princess, we suggest the cathedral bridal veil as the perfect complement to the dress.

In medieval times, brides wore it to ward off evil spirits and as a symbol of quantity. But nowadays, famous brides have positioned them as a timeless style and fashion.

➡ Colored veil

Perfect for brides who want to give that different touch to the wedding. Colored bridal veils are ideal for brides who want to maintain an irreverent look even on their wedding day.

Knowing the different bridal veils you can get an idea of ​​what you want and what best suits you. You have to visualize yourself with them, since the ideal is that you maintain your style always feeling comfortable on that special day.

At Odilia Bridal, we know that for some brides it is not so easy to choose, which is why we offer you the help of our bridal consultant, with personalized attention, which you can easily request from here .