Collection: Bride shoes

We are bridal specialists! All of our shoes are designed exclusively for brides , which means that we know the importance of being comfortable all day of the wedding, which is why all of our shoes have a special insole with extra padding, so that you are super comfortable on your wedding day. wedding ✨ See more opinions here and here .

Some women are more interested in comfortable and flat bridal shoes , and others are just looking to buy bridal shoes online that are setting trends in the bridal scene.

There are many brides and their tastes are endless, but are there perfect bridal shoes ? I think so, and you have them at Odilia Bridal , the best online bridal shoe store at the moment.

Why choose Odilia Bridal bridal shoes for your wedding day?

The collection of bridal shoes that we have in our online store is specialized for one of the most important days of your life, the day you say "I do".

Every bride wants to feel radiant and confident that day, so we have thought that you should focus on having a great time that day, and not think about anything else.

To feel safe, the first thing is the COMFORT with which you are going to feel on your big day, for this reason, all our bridal shoes are made with the best quality fabrics, and specifically, extraordinary comfort in their inner insoles. of your wedding shoe.

All of our shoes for your wedding have extra padding so that when you put on your bridal shoes you are happy and can walk, dance and jump if necessary, that wonderful day!

Whichever shoe you choose, you will see all the comfort that it brings you from the first moment, as can be confirmed by thousands of brides who have used our collection of bridal shoes! Look at their recommendations at and at this link .

Trends to buy bridal shoes online in 2022

There are many trends we offer when buying bridal shoes . It is not a question of choosing any ceremony shoe , but of choosing shoes that are consistent with the tastes of the bride and current fashion. At Odilia Bridal you can find the following models of bridal shoes online:

ivory and radiant

Within the online bridal shoes we can also find models intended for the most classic brides, but who in turn want to stand out with elegant peep-toe sandals of all heights for brides .

You will not have a better option than to buy bridal shoes online in a white tone but which at the same time have a chic and elegant touch.

comfortable above all

In addition to the elegant tone, you can also have comfortable bridal shoes , for this you can buy women's shoes that have a medium heel . And it is that wide heels are growing more popular every day.

There are two options that you can consider: wear stiletto heels that after the ceremony you will have to change for more comfortable ones; or get medium heels, flat sandals or even bridal shoes .

This last proposal is for the most casual brides, those looking to buy comfortable shoes online , which in turn can be used as party shoes , when the ceremony has passed.

The boots

Ankle boots are also a type of comfortable bridal shoe . They can be worn even outside the winter season.

There are many models of bridal shoes online that you will find at Odilia Bridal in the ankle boots category that can be the star accessory of your wedding.

Of colors

The current trend indicates that brides are now going to buy bridal shoes online that have a color point. And in our online shoe store they have endless options for you to choose the one that best suits you.

What online bridal shoes would you choose for your wedding?

The bridal shoes that you choose will accompany you throughout your celebration, think carefully about which ones best suit your tastes, if you prefer comfortable bridal shoes or, on the contrary, you prefer heart-stopping heels that make you look radiant on this very special day. special.

If you have any questions when choosing bridal shoes because you don't know which one goes best with your dress, you can write to our bridal advisers.