Frequent questions

Here you will find the questions that all brides usually ask us

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I need comfortable shoes, can you help me?

We are bridal specialists! Think that all our shoes are designed exclusively for brides, that is to say that we know the importance of being comfortable all day of the wedding, so all our shoes have a special insole with extra padding, so that you are super comfortable on the day of your wedding 😍✨

How to measure my feet to know my exact size?

How to measure my feet? We cut normal, so when in doubt ask for your usual size. You have to think that "foot length" is the maximum measurement for that size. Any questions write to Chat or WhatsApp.

If you want to know your exact size, you can do it like this: measure your feet, with millimeters included, as follows, so we can make sure of the size:

step 1

You have to place a white sheet on the floor right next to the wall.

Step 2

Place your heel against the wall and with a pencil, mark the tip of your longest finger.

step 3

Measure the distance between the wall and the mark.

More details here:

Will it be the same white as my dress?

The white color of all our accessories is natural white, which is the same white as the wedding dresses in bridal shops😍🥂 It is also called ivory, off-white... but they are the same bridal white 👰🏻

Do you have a physical store?

At the moment we are only an online store, you have free shipping and a free return guarantee for the first (one product) 😍 So you can see it at home and if it doesn't look good, you have a return guarantee, the first free!

How do I order?

You have two options, you can do it by bank transfer or Bizum and I will give you the data, or through the web, by card, whichever you prefer 🤗🥂

In both cases, confirmation of your order is sent to your email💕

Where is my order?

It takes us approximately 15 days to get your order to you. About two days before receiving it, you will receive an email to tell you that your order is on the way and you have to keep an eye on it because it will arrive in the next few hours.

Are you normal size?

Yes, all our sizes are guided by the Spanish size standards, so you can use your usual size. If you usually have trouble deciding between sizes, we advise you to consult our bridal advisers.

I want a specific veil, can you help me?

Yes, contact our advisors by WhatsApp and tell us the specific model you would like, if you have a better photo!

I can't decide, which one do I choose?

First, we advise you to visualize yourself on your wedding day with your accessory on.

If you have many doubts, you can ask our advisors, they will tell you which model would look better and they can give you an idea of ​​how it would look good on you; We also recommend that you ask your mother, sisters and friends since they are the ones who know you best and they will also see which one is the most suitable for you💕🥂

Can I buy two models of the same product category?

You cannot buy two products of the same category, for example: two pairs of shoes of the same style, or two long veils, or two combs, since we consider said purchase as a fraudulent purchase.

Think that we are an online store specialized in brides, and we know that on your wedding day you will wear a veil or two shoes but of totally different models (a high heel and a flat one). That is why we give the option of free change or first return, in case you want to change the size or you have not been convinced. 💕🥂