Collection: Wedding veils with lace

Lace bridal veils are timeless, that is, they never go out of style; These bridal veils are pure elegance and do not leave femininity aside. Long bridal veils are the most sought after.

Some of these bridal veils with lace have pearls and crystals, which make them even more elegant and exclusive. At Odilia Bridal we know that you love these veils, which is why we want to help you choose the most suitable one for you.

Uses of wedding veils with lace

It is true that lace has been used all its life in the most traditional bridal mantillas but it continues to be one of the most sought after in bridal veil stores by girls who go for the most exclusive details for this big day.

  • Bridal veils with lace on the frames and embroidery are the most used. And it is that, the lace adds that texture that highlights the length and width of this bridal accessory .
  • Lace bridal veils add romance to the bride's look.
  • You can also choose to buy bridal veils that are completely lace; although you must bear in mind that embroidered bridal veils are more expensive and you must consider the work of making them. But if you are looking for exclusivity it is a good option.

Types of bridal veils with lace

The lace that is used in wedding dresses with a veil or only in the veils, can be fine or thick; This will depend on the thread used in its preparation.

As there are several types of wedding veils with lace and you may need help to make the best decision, we will tell you about some of the most used:

➡ Chantilly lace

This is one of the most complex hand-embroidered veils in its patterns. It is a super delicate veil and therefore one of the finest you can find at Odilia Bridal.

➡ Alencon lace

This lace is thicker. When you go to buy a bridal veil online , you may come across this model. You will distinguish it by being embroidered with a very fine cord.

➡ Lace with linen or cotton thread

This is one of the best-known types of bridal veils . It has an interweaving that makes the drawing a little thicker, which can make it easier to put it on with the combs for bridal veils .

➡ Guipure lace

This lace wedding veil is the most sought after by brides who want to wear a wedding dress with sleeves.

➡ Schiffli lace

If you are looking for romantic veils for brides, this is the best choice. Its lace is super light, and the embroidered drawings are made on a spectacular interwoven.

In addition, we have those known as macramé, sutache and the Venetian, which are models of bridal veils with reliefs and very diverse designs.

If you have a romantic dress, the wedding veil with lace cannot be missing. And if you accompany it with a touch of bridal jewelry you will dazzle at your wedding.