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In this section you will find free downloadable images that every bride should have to make her wedding preparation experience more fun.
Little by little we are going to upload beautiful illustrations for different events, positive, motivating phrases that every bride should keep in mind when preparing for her wedding.
  • Dress choice:

This downloadable is especially for brides who are just beginning their search for their wedding dress, so that their relatives or bridesmaids can help and advise them in this adventure that is the search for your perfect wedding dress!

That way you'll always know exactly what they think!

For more information we attach the link of the blog where we talked about it:

Tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

Just writing your email, it will take you to the direct link to download the illustrations!

  • Bridesmaids:

Here I leave you the downloadable one from our blog about: Bridesmaids, their functions and complete guide .

If you want to give her more clues as to what you expect from your bridesmaids, you can download this GUIDE FOR ALL BRIDESMAID OF HONOR , essential information that you can give her on cardboard and that can be hung in her room so she doesn't forget the series of steps that you have to follow and always keep them in mind until your day B. If you want it in PDF format, I leave it at this link: PDF Guide for all Bridesmaids . If you like it leave me a comment on the blog :

You can download it by writing your email here:

  • Motivating phrases as wallpaper:

You can download these motivating phrases for girlfriends. Every week we will be uploading phrases to make the wait for the wedding and the nerves more bearable!

Downloadable image for bride Odilia Bridal