Collection: Ankle Boots for Bride

Are you thinking of wearing bridal booties on your wedding day? If you like the vintage yet modern look for a bride, we recommend that if you still do not have all the accessories for your wedding, try Odilia Bridal's bridal ankle boots.

You will be able to find designs of all kinds , with high heels, low heels, lace, velvet, with a bow, with a buckle, with buttons, etc., among others.

If you are looking for that shoe that supports your foot but at the same time is comfortable and elegant, bridal ankle boots are a very successful choice. If you want to feel like a real princess on your wedding day, you just have to try them.

Original bridal ankle boots for your wedding

Ankle boots for the bride are a most original idea as well as being reminiscent of a vintage design typical of brides from bygone eras.

The designs that we offer in our online shoe store can be adapted to all tastes , from an ankle boot with many details, lace, with buttons and with a heel, to a basic and classic design in white, with a heel so that enjoy your day without worrying about your feet.

If you choose these bridal ankle boots for your big day, you will look elegant and also your guests will love them. This type of footwear is timeless , you can wear it both in winter and in spring or summer, although you can find models adapted to the different times of the year.

Advantages of bridal ankle boots

⇨ The designs of the bridal booties are original and attractive . This type of shoes will help you to stylize your legs and look elegant under your dress.

⇨ The heel is not excessively high, so they will offer you comfort on this great day in which you will be from one side to the other, and you will be able to get to the dance without foot pain.

You can find them in different colors , not just white. More and more brides are daring to wear red or blue shoes, giving a touch of originality and personality to the event and to the ceremony attire.

How and when to buy bridal boots?

As a general rule, we always leave the choice of shoes for the end , once we have the dress, it is the next step.

From Odilia Bridal we advise you that you should do it at the same time, once you are clear about the type of dress you are going to wear, start choosing which bridal shoes you would like to wear .

We offer you personalized advice, so if you decide to wear bridal ankle boots, we will tell you which model best suits both your dress and your tastes . Get out of the ordinary and dare to try them! You will not regret.