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Here you can see real opinions of brides with their photographs on their wedding day.

Vanessa C. dancing with Coco Bridal Shoes

" The most beautiful shoes in the world! Finding this supplier was the best! The dream shoes are the most beautiful I've seen in my life, they are also super comfortable and they were perfect with my dress. It is true that there is no physical store but it's not necessary! Seriously not, I sent them a photo of my dress and they made me a simulation with some models that I liked. The perfect attention, out of 10! Super friendly!"

Magnificent! Recommended 100%!

"It was a super successful decision. The excellent service and the beautiful veil. I took the Menorca veil and what a wonder, everyone was captivated. Super recommended!"


Laura L. with Cindy Bridal Shoes

"Comfortable shoes that lasted me all night. I recommend the shoes from this store, they were super comfortable, I lasted until the end of the party with them."

Cindy Bridal Shoes

Naiara R. with the Menorca Veil

"They gave me exceptional treatment, just by sending a photo of my dress they gave me the perfect complement, when you write them they take very little time to answer and they help you at all times for any problem or question you have during the purchase or delivery. I am delighted. "

Menorca Bridal Veil

Iris H. with the Santiago Veil

"I wanted to say that I give Pamela more than a ten for being so super attentive to the brides and that we do not lack detail! Thank you for that veil that I fell in love as soon as I saw it!"


Lydia with the Badajoz Veil

"The best choice. Super fast, good quality and excellent treatment. The best choice I could make."

Marina V. with the Bridal Veil Almería

"After months looking for a bridal veil, I went to several stores and outlets and they seemed very expensive, and they weren't exactly what I was looking for. By chance, I found the Almería Veil online. The truth is that I was quite afraid to buy it, because It was too beautiful to be true, exactly what I wanted, with a perfect design for my dress and at an unbeatable price and in the end I decided. I loved it! Thank you so much for everything. "


Alba R. with the Persephone Bridal Tiara

"Delighted with my tiara! I have to say that the treatment was super close, they advised me at all times what would be best for me and it arrived quickly, the truth is that I recommend it with my eyes closed."

Gemma B. with Bridal Veil Badajoz

I am delighted that I chose Odilia Bridal to dress me with the veil that I take to the altar and celebrate my wedding! A 10 for the attention and good service!

Bridal Veil Badajoz

Tania M. with Coco Bridal Shoes

"Delighted with my bridal shoes. I changed sizes and returned the one that didn't fit me without problems. I suffer from feet and on the day of the wedding I endured the entire wedding and the open bar with the shoes. In addition to being beautiful, they were super comfortable , I plan to dye them to use them because I love them. "

Coconut Bridal Shoes

Noelia C. with the Badajoz Veil

"A beautiful veil, excellent treatment and in record time. Very good job!!"

Bridal Veil Badajoz

Ana with Jasmine Shoes

I would repeat without a doubt

"I would like to show my gratitude to Odilia Bridal for helping me choose the shoes for a day as special as my wedding day. I am really very satisfied with the service and the product. They are very comfortable, a good price and very good quality. Thank you ."

Jasmine Bridal Shoes