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ODILIA BRIDAL: your bridal space

ODILIA BRIDAL, online store specializing in bridal shoes and accessories, based in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Our goal is to offer all the accessories a bride needs to complete her bridal look, always offering the best quality in all our products.

We have the best suppliers of bridal accessories, whose manufacture is exclusively in the European Union. The fabrics are exquisitely selected and in our products you will find 100% original Swarovski crystals.

Bridal advisors: can't find your bridal accessories?

ODILIA BRIDAL has a specialized team to advise brides who need it.

We know that the wedding is a wonderful moment, but that it also entails some nerves, since there are many details to prepare, so we want to help you at this time with your shoes and accessories, so that you have a wonderful experience as a bride.

If you can't find what you're looking for, you don't know how to combine your accessories, you're not sure if they go well with your bridal look or you simply need an ear that understands the stress of brides, write us without obligation.


ODILIA BRIDAL is guaranteed to be a serious company with 100% satisfaction to its brides, not only because of the immediate attention they receive, but also because we have been awarded at Bodas.net with the Gold seal of recommendation in the years 2018, 2019, 2020 , 202 and 2022

You can also see the recommendations of some of our fiancées in our Bodas.net showcase or their scores on our Facebook . Click on the icons below to see the recommendations


Odilia García

My name is Odilia and I am the founder of ODILIA BRIDAL .

Many years in the world of beauty and fashion, and the fulfilled dream of marrying the man of my dreams made me fall in love with the world of weddings.

Like all of you, the preparations for the wedding were quite an event : finding the perfect place, the invitations, the photographers, the wedding cake, the church and a long etcetera. I also had to find the ideal wedding dress for my big day. All this was not enough, since the accessories that were the most important part were missing , because they were the ones that gave the final touch to my bridal look . Finally, and after months of searching many bridal shops in Spain and abroad, I found my accessories in different places .

We know that looking for exactly what you want, being able to see it together with your dress and that it is of quality is very complicated ; For this reason, I always had the idea of ​​having in one place and showing all the bridal accessories of the best quality and made in Europe.

That's where ODILIA BRIDAL was born, a space that with great enthusiasm, we show a great variety and the best bridal accessories for your wedding day, that with the help of professionals we advise you and help you find your dream accessories.

Whatever you are looking for, in our online store you will find all the bridal accessories you need for your big day and we will help you in your choice.

You will get those dream shoes, veil, tiara... that you always wanted for your wonderful day.

So, enjoy your walk in our online store and thank you for choosing us. You can start by looking at our unrivaled selection of shoes here .

With lots of love,

Odilia and the ODILIA BRIDAL team

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