Shipping & Returns

At Odilia Bridal we know current brides and that is why we want to offer you maximum comfort so that you can make your purchases online with complete confidence and security. We offer you the best shipping and return guarantees on your purchases of bridal accessories.
That is why our shipments are free, with the guarantee of free return of the first product.


Buy online and receive it wherever you want totally free. During the purchase process, indicate the delivery address, either your home or the place of work. A private courier company will send the shipment with an exclusive service without you having to go to any delivery point. In the months before your wedding, your time is precious and we want to make things easy for you:

- You will save waiting: Time slot prediction, the day before the delivery of the shipment.
- Minimizes incidents: Immediate location of the recipient, in case of absence.
- Eliminate uncertainty: If you are not at home, they will contact you for a second delivery.
For international shipments, contact or with our chat to indicate the shipping conditions.
We do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.


At Odilia Bridal we guarantee that you will receive your purchase within a maximum delivery period of approximately 20 days. We will always try to shorten this period, and we can usually deliver your accessories within 15 days from when we receive your purchase order. There is the exception of personalized products and on request that the estimated time is told by our bridal adviser. In times of weddings, it could bequeath you in 3-4 weeks at your home.
  • URGENT delivery, upon request :

If you need any bridal accessory urgently, contact our advisers to see how we can help you, we want all our brides to be radiant at their wedding and not lack for anything, so if your case is that it has failed you any complement, call us or write to WhatsApp 627 23 25 76, we will do our best to help you .

Urgent shipments have a minimum additional cost of €15 per product , but the price must be consulted, since it varies depending on the product. Not all products are possible to send urgently, so it is better to consult our advisers.

FREE FIRST RETURN (one product)

We offer high quality products and we know that you will fall in love with them when you receive them. Believe us, appreciating natural accessories is better than photos.
For this reason, we offer you the service that the first return (a product) is free for each customer, in all our accessories, except for personalized products or on request, which are non-refundable.
You have 3 months to return or 15 days before your wedding (whichever comes first).
You have to request the return at least 15 days before the 3-month return period or your wedding date, whichever comes first.
So that you have the return of three months or the date of your wedding, you must put the date of your wedding when placing the order, otherwise you will not get the benefit of 3 months of return, you will only get what is established by law, which is 15 days.
*If it is a discounted or sale product, you only have 14 days to make the return.
If you return two or more products , the return of the first product is free, the second and subsequent ones have a cost of €7.5 each product , even if they come in the same return. These expenses will be subtracted from the amount to be returned.
In addition, in the case of ordering two or more products of the same category, this order will be canceled, since we consider it fraudulent and we do not work that way; our advisors can help you choose through our whatsapp.
Each customer has only one free return, and subsequent purchases of the product in the same category will be cancelled, as it will be considered fraudulent.
You will have to request the return to our advisors, and you will have to take it to a collection point close to the same place of delivery ( Leave the package at a Punto Pack office near your home, find the closest one here ) . Make sure that the product is in the same original condition that it was sent, unused (no stains, odors, scratches anywhere), with the label and its original packaging and properly packaged to receive it correctly.
To proceed with the return, send an email requesting the return to with the following information:
  1. Order number
  2. Your name
  3. Wedding's date
  4. Product name and size
Also, in the same email you have to tell us :
  1. Leave the package at a Punto Pack office close to your home (find the closest one here ), you have to put in which office you want to leave it specifically, you must indicate the name and full address of the place.
In the following email we will attach a label that you must stick on the package.
We will proceed to refund the purchase price in the same way in which the payment was made; to the same card with which the purchase was made, through PayPal or through bank deposit.
* Keep in mind that returns will not be accepted if the intention is to change the same model for the same size unless, within a period of 3 days from receipt of the order, it is notified that it has a defect or anomaly.
    1. Wrap it in the same way it arrived, it must be with its original packaging, guarantee, label, invoice and box (in perfect condition), all wrapped in strong paper , to ensure that we receive it in perfect condition .
    2. When you have it ready, you must print the label that we will attach to the second email (after having requested the return, we will attach the label to you) and paste it visibly on the package , and remove the previous labels (or cover them) so that they do not there are confusions, this is essential for the collection to be effective. (only paste the part that says package copy, the client copy is for you)
    3. It must be ready to deliver it on the day you have indicated, otherwise the free return is lost.
We know that you are preparing your wedding day with great enthusiasm and taking care of all the details. For this reason, we offer you a return period of 3 months or up to 15 days before your wedding date (the closest date) so that you can try on your Odilia Bridal accessories with peace of mind and combined with your definitive bridal look. . Evidence is considered well in advance of the wedding, so the return can only be accepted 15 days before the 3-month return period or the wedding date.
The return request must be made at least 15 days before the expiration of the 3-month return period or 15 days before your wedding date, whichever comes first.
  • How long does it take to make the return?

The return process takes an average of 7 to 10 business days, which includes the shipment of the product, the reception and evaluation by the Odilia Bridal team. and notification of the result. To this time we must add the refund period, which is done after the return is approved and varies depending on the means of payment with which the purchase was made and your bank, but it takes approximately 10-15 business days to process. that you see reflected in your account.

For hygienic reasons, lingerie and earrings cannot be returned . The choker and earrings sets cannot be returned either because it is a pack.
Custom or custom products (indicated in the description) , such as colored veils, custom-made veils, a selection of veils or hand-painted colored wedges , cannot be returned either , since it is a totally personalized product, under ordered and/or handmade.
Once the date of your wedding has passed , they cannot be returned either, since they are considered used products.
The request for said return must be made at least 15 days before the expiration of the return period.
* Keep in mind that returns will not be accepted if the intention is to change the same model for the same size unless, within a period of 3 days from receipt of the order, it is notified that it has a defect or anomaly.
CHANGES for another product:
It can only be changed once at no cost, the following changes are at cost, it is done as a return.


All returned items must be in perfect condition, they must be returned new, unused and without odors or stains. That is, with the packaging, boxes, unscratched soles, and intact interiors, etc. If this rule is not met, the return will be rejected and the courier will be responsible for recovering your product.
If the returned product is not accepted by ODILIA BRIDAL, for understanding that he product whose return is sought had been used or was not in an acceptable state, being damaged, marked or modified (in the case of shoes, due to scratches on the soles, dirt on the inner insole or on the entire surface of the shoe) not the return will be accepted. These products will remain in the distribution warehouse to be picked up by the customer. and the cost of the courier to recover the product will be borne by the client, for a period not exceeding thirty days from its return. If this is the case, we will contact you so that you can proceed to pick it up. They can only be collected by courier, and the cost will be borne by the customer.
* International shipping has a cost and will be borne by the buyer. Consult the shipping conditions and prices to our advisers; returns from these regions or other countries will be managed by the customer.
* Keep in mind that returns will not be accepted if the intention is to change the same model for the same size unless, within a period of 3 days from receipt of the order, it is notified that it has a defect or anomaly.


You will need to try on the shoes on a soft surface, such as a carpeted surface or rug , until you are sure you want to keep this item. The footwear must be returned without marks anywhere, neither on the soles of the shoes, nor on the insole, nor on any part of the shoe; and in its original box without it being damaged since it is considered part of the article. If the footwear is returned without a box, with a damaged box, with scratched or dirty soles both on the outside or inside, the return will not be accepted and the client will bear the costs and management for the final collection without possibility of refund.


The return of lingerie will be accepted with the exception of lower garments, or bodies (since they include panties) as long as they have not been used or are marked or stained. Bottoms (panties, thongs, culottes, stockings, etc) and bodies CANNOT BE RETURNED.


For hygiene reasons, earrings cannot be returned. The rest of the jewelry products can be returned as long as they are in perfect condition and have not been used. In the case of the earring and choker sets, being a pack, it cannot be returned as it carries the earrings with it.


Returns are not accepted after the wedding date as it is considered a used product. We consider that during the time prior to the wedding, you have had enough time to see if you would use the product and to see if it looks good with your bridal look, therefore, returns are made before the wedding, even when the time is less to 3 months.


If you are from outside the peninsula, consult with our advisers the prices for shipments to any part of the world, through our Chat or through our WhatsApp +34 627 23 25 76
Returns outside the peninsula are not managed by us, the client himself is the one who must manage it if the case arises.
For international shipping, contact support through our chat or WhatsApp +34 627 23 25 76.