Collection: Flat Shoes for Bride

For brides who are not used to high heels, spending all the hours of the wedding in them can be a real torture. From there the idea of ​​making flat shoes for brides arose .

In this way the bride can be more comfortable, or can even use them to replace high-heeled shoes , once the ceremony is over.

In Odilia Bridal you will find some ideas if you have already decided to go with flat bridal shoes .

The most daring ballerinas for brides

Ballerina shoes are very feminine, easy to put on and take off, they also provide styling to the foot and at the same time you can use them as bridal shoes or even as party shoes .

But, of course, we are going to choose flat bridal shoes that do not go unnoticed; These must be elegant and comfortable wedding shoes but, at the same time, have a special touch.

We can choose some ballerinas that have a glitter finish, that perfect shiny material that gives that party touch to any ceremony shoe .

There are many types of bridal flats ; we can get bridal ballerinas that are open on the sides, those with a transparent and breathable material that prevents heat on the feet.

We can also find flat bridal shoes with tiny rhinestones that add a touch of elegance to any type of foot.

Flat shoes for brides with lace

The lace in the flat bridal shoes makes the feet look much more stylized and elegant. Flat bridal shoes with lace are the perfect option for those brides who want a more vintage style.

Of course, you must be very careful not to see yourself overloaded if the dress you are wearing also has lace.

Pointed Toe Shoes

Another option for flat bridal shoes is fine-toed bridal shoes . Women's flat shoes not only make the bride look reserved and classic, complying with the dress code; but also brings elegance in a slightly informal way.

Tips for wearing flat bridal shoes

It is true that long wedding dresses can hide flat shoes , but the idea is not to hide the fact that you are wearing comfortable wedding shoes , but to elegantly show off the absence of heels .

If the wedding dress is shorter, cocktail type, bridal flat shoes are the perfect choice; Of course, to get the best look, the dress must be different and with a special design.

Do not forget that even if you are going to wear flat bridal shoes , you must wear them before the wedding; In this way you avoid annoying friction and painful blisters on the wedding day. Keep in mind that despite being bridal flat shoes , it is a new shoe.

The great advantage of these flat shoes is that, in addition to being original and comfortable bridal shoes , they will be used for any other occasion.

Flat bridal shoes are perfect when the height of the couples is very similar.

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