Collection: short bridal veils

Since not everyone likes the length, short bridal veils are the perfect complement for the most modern brides, without implying that they have the perfect look for your wedding.

Brides with a short veil are incredible, as well as elegant but very simple. We can use them to give more prominence to mermaid-cut wedding dresses or those with a lot of draping.

From Odilia Bridal , we want to help you find the best bridal veils for you, which go with your wedding dress so that you have an ideal look.

Models of short bridal veils

In our bridal store we have different types of veils that you can combine with your dress. Each of these short bridal veils will highlight the qualities of the dress and the facial features of the bride.

Before you can decide on any wedding veil , we invite you to get to know them a little more, so you can choose the wedding veil that best suits your dress:

➡ Blusher

It is one of the best modern bridal veils that does not go beyond the shoulders.

It is used by brides looking for a short veil to have a bare face.

This is one of the more understated veils that can be paired with off-the-shoulder dresses.

➡ French

This is one of the bridal veils most used by girls who have left convention aside. This veil is attached to one side of the face and is made in a mesh or net.

➡ Bridcage

A short bridal veil that covers only half of the bride's face.

In general, we will see it accompanied by an elegant bridal headdress .

It is the perfect veil for those brides with a more vintage style or who want a retro style for this special day.

➡ Shoulder veil

Brides with a short veil of this type are more common, since it reaches the middle of the back.

It is an ideal alternative if you want to wear a veil without hiding the details of the dress.

These cheap bridal veils offer a casual look if we combine it with modern ones with an untraditional cut.

Brides with a short veil do not have a defined style, they can opt for a classic style or a more modern one, but without a doubt what they are clear about is the choice of the type of veil they are going to wear on this big day. Always combine your dress with the veil to achieve the perfect look for that special day.

And you, have you already chosen your wedding veil online ? Or do you need help?

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