Los zapatos de novia con los que querrás casarte este año

The bridal shoes you'll want to get married in this year

It is true that the best bridal shoes are found under a fabulous dress, it is important that they reflect your personality and that, in addition, you feel comfortable with them, taking into account that you are going to dance, walk around the room and stand for several hours.

That is why, the best thing to do is that once you choose the dress, you go for matching wedding shoes . Keep in mind that bridal heels are not an obligation. Now there are women who prefer bridal ankle boots or bridal wedges or even slippers, but we must not forget that the most important thing is comfort.

At Odilia Bridal , we have all the wedding shoe models you can imagine, you just have to choose the best bridal shoes among them. In this selection we talk about different shoes in terms of color, heel and design. Go ahead, continue reading!

What are the best bridal shoes?

The best bridal shoes are those that match your personality and that also offer you the comfort you need at all times. Within our collection we can offer you:

the ideal color

At present, the trends in terms of colors in ceremony shoes have changed a lot. Now brides go beyond the typical party shoes in a natural white tone, and choose bridal shoes in soft pink, blue, wine, gold, silver and some even go for black to contrast with the dress. and the veil

Also, it is a good option to choose something totally different from the traditional and choose some wedding shoes in a bright color. Gem tones like emerald or ruby ​​add a unique touch of style to the dress.

If you make a good choice, among the best bridal shoes , you can use them even after the wedding to complete your look at a special event.

Choose your favorite model

If there is something that is renewed every season, it is precisely the shoes. Some guests will downplay this accessory, but I assure you that the women will pay attention to whether you are wearing the best bridal shoes or not.

Some of the most sought after models in our bridal shoe store are:

  • Peeptoes : The heel with the platform is a model that manages to stylize the figure of the woman and at the same time it is about comfortable bridal shoes . We can get these shoes in many designs and different colors. The most common among brides are satin and satin.
  • Ankle boots : The most fashionable option among brides. We can see them as bridal shoes with lace , satin or leather. These are the perfect shoes if you want to mix the modern with the casual. In addition, they offer great comfort and are the best bridal shoes for those who are not used to them.
  • Wedges : They are the best bridal shoes for dance time, with them you will be able to enjoy the entire party without being annoying or hurting you. It is a very comfortable shoe model. They are perfect for weddings that take place on the coast in summer or even in gardens, or for those brides who are not used to wearing heels. With them you will give everything you have until the end of the party.

In some bridal shoe brands , other models are included, such as velvet, patent leather, glitter or with metallic effects for the most demanding brides.

As the wedding is one of the experiences in life, the ideal is to have the best bridal shoes , the model that best suits your personality and according to your style.

What are the best bridal shoes for me?

When we talk about the best bridal shoes , we must remember that these are the support of the entire look that you will wear that day, so one of the most important points when choosing it is that they are comfortable .

Keep the following recommendations in mind when choosing bridal shoes:

  • You can choose the best bridal shoes with high heels, medium heels, low heels or you can even choose flat shoes if that is what you want. You can also get them with a thin or thick heel, with an internal or external platform. Choose the one that best suits your look and fits your dress and your party.
  • Remember that the best bridal shoes are those that are in tune with the style of the wedding and with your look. Also keep in mind that the heel you use will depend on the height of your partner and if you are used to heels or not.
  • If you are one of those who is looking for the best bridal shoes with a more daring style, there is nothing better than deciding on shoes in pink, light blue or even a more intense tone, such as red or garnet.
  • If you want to highlight your bridal look, we recommend buying bridal shoes in metallic tones or with rhinestones that go with your tiara or headband .
  • Always think about the use that you are going to give the shoes, since your choice will also depend on it. That is, if you want shoes only for the formal part or, if you prefer, ones that you can use throughout the celebration. Some brides buy some shoes for the ceremony and others for the party, but this will only depend on you.

Shoes can make the wedding day wonderful, so choosing the best bridal shoes should not only match your dress, but also offer you convenience and comfort at all times.

And you, still do not know which are the best bridal shoes for you? Contact Odilia Bridal or write to WhatsApp 627 23 25 76 and our bridal advisors will help you choose the perfect bridal shoes for you.

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