5 modelos de tacón súper cómodos para tu boda

5 super comfortable heel models for your wedding

Getting comfortable medium-heeled shoes will depend on various factors. More than anything, because it is related to whether or not the bride knows how to walk with them.

If we refer to those brides who are used to flat shoes and even to always wear sports shoes as daily shoes , it will be a bit painful to have to wear very high-heeled wedding shoes .

For this reason, at Odilia Bridal we bring you some recommendations so that you can wear comfortable medium-heeled shoes on your wedding day.

Comfortable medium-heeled shoe models

Within the comfortable medium-heeled shoes we have some outstanding models, which adapt to the tastes in reference to bridal shoes . Let's see what they are:

1. Wide heel

The wider the heel, the shoes will be comfortable for all types of feet. It is not the same as going for a walk in unstable stilettos that you are not used to, than walking in comfortable medium-heeled shoes with a wide heel that offers greater comfort.

With this type of mid-heeled shoes, the weight of the body is better distributed and the elegance of the heels is maintained without compromising comfort. It is true that if they are retro shoes , they do not have to stop being modern.

This model of heel is characteristic of the 60s and the discos of the 70s, and they have made a strong comeback today, but with a more modern twist. We can get these shoes for women in the form of peep toes, with ribbons, straps and a lot of shine.

Until now they had not been placed in the bridal shoe trends, however, they have become the fashion surprise. They are perfect for modern and stylish brides who want to make a difference with their look.

2. Comfortable rounded toe mid-heeled shoes

Comfortable mid-heeled shoes that have a rounded toe offer more room and comfort for your toes. For that reason, walking with them is much easier, and they are also the best alternative to wearing heels without pain.

Since these types of comfortable mid-heeled shoes don't widen out as much as square ones do, they are more comfortable to be worn for many hours. If we opt for a women's shoe model that has a platform at the toe, we will achieve greater styling.

You can buy shoes in this style if you want a classic look, but one that is not traditional. You can choose some models with ribbons or straps.

3. Ankle boots

Mid-heeled sandals are very comfortable, they hold the foot perfectly. It is one of the best comfortable mid-heeled shoes , and we can get them in models with an open front, with ribbons or straps that provide greater styling without losing comfort.

4. Wide-heeled boots

The boots are also comfortable medium-heeled shoes that attract many of the brides' attention. Not only are they super comfortable, but they also offer greater foot stability.

If we get them with an oval toe, they are perfect, this model facilitates the movement of the fingers without chafing, and the ankle is much more comfortable.

There are many brides who prefer to wear ankle boots on the wedding day, even more so when the theme is country-style. In case you wear a bohemian style dress, you can accompany it with some flower crowns and these comfortable medium-heeled shoes , the look will be perfect.

These ankle boots will draw attention to your style, but don't worry, you will surely make a good impression. Of course, this model of comfortable medium-heeled shoes does not look very good with traditional dresses or with a short dress, so you have to think carefully about what type of dress you are going to wear.

5. Square heel

Comfortable mid-heeled shoes that have a square heel are very fashionable today. In addition, the bride will be able to spend the whole day with them without hardly noticing the heels.

In general, these are thick square heels, which you will find in our online shoe store in different heights. The comfort and versatility of this model has made it one of the most popular among brides.

The shape of these mid-heeled shoes makes them the perfect complement to any type of wedding dress. In addition, they are perfect to be used in outdoor weddings, since you can walk with them very easily and comfortably.

These shoe models can also be used after the wedding, whether it's special meetings or you want to accompany them with a party dress. Comfortable mid-heeled shoes that have a square heel offer greater security for women who are not used to very high heels. Also with them the ankle does not get tired.

Can I find mid-heeled shoes that are pretty as well as comfortable?

Of course. You just have to look at online shoe stores like Odilia Bridal, where they have comfortable medium-heeled shoes with exclusive designs that suit all tastes. You just have to access the Bridal Shoes section.

Recommendations for choosing your bridal shoes:

  • Look for shoes that have a rounded instep, in this way you guarantee that you will have adequate space for all your fingers;
  • You can also opt for an online shoe of one more number; to which you can place a non-slip gel pad so that you are more comfortable and the foot does not go forward;
  • Comfortable mid-heeled pumps with a rounded toe are perfect for brides with slightly large feet.

If you still have any questions, contact us through our website or by phone. We'll be waiting for you!

Without a doubt, comfortable medium-heeled shoes have returned with great force and to stay for a long time due to their great benefits .

If you have questions about the model that best suits your foot and the style of your wedding, you can contact the bridal advisors 24 hours a day via WhatsApp.

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