Royal Brides 2

Moruena G. with Bridal Bolero Marbella

I recommend Odilia Bridal for such an important day, I bought a ticket for my wedding day and I had an immediate response and they gave me confidence, security and ease when making the order.
I would buy again and I will always recommend it.
Thank you

Bridal Veil Badajoz

Rose with the Veil Badajoz

"I met Odilia Bridal by chance looking for a veil for my wedding two months before, and without knowing her I took the risk of asking for my veil because I loved the treatment they gave me from the first moment. They were incredible with a loving treatment and my veil arrived perfect as and as I saw it in the photo. I loved it and I recommend it 100%."

Bridal Veil Badajoz

Silvia with the Bridal Gown

Enchanted and charming!

"Without a doubt, the bridal gown that I used for my wedding was a success, its touch is delicate and soft, its romantic appearance, a charm in general, let's go. Not to mention Pamela, who was always attentive to my request and the arrival dates are the same ones he gave me from the first day. Thank you, Pamela, for collaborating on the day of my life."

Alicantr Bridal Gown

Jenny T. with Pink Wedge Espadrilles

"I wanted to say that I give Pamela more than a ten for being so super attentive to the brides and that we do not lack detail! Thank you for that veil that I fell in love as soon as I saw it!"

Bridal shoes with wedge Old Pink