Check list para la organización de la boda

Check list for the organization of the wedding

 To-do list for my wedding

A check list that will help you start organizing your wedding!

Many of us, after being asked that wonderful question... will you marry me?... get nervous because we don't know where to start with the organization of the wedding or it can also happen that you don't know if you really you have everything under control.

All this increases when the family comes and asks you: "How are the wedding preparations going? Do you already have everything? There's very little left, eh!"

And we, the most calm in the world, respond doubtfully trying to give a positive affirmation, but inside thinking...

So if this is your case or you just want to make sure you're on the right track, I invite you to download this check list with the wedding to-do list.

This is the best way to be calm and sure that you remember all the pending things for your B-day.

Here is your check list, and any questions, we will always be there for you on our WhatsApp 627232576.

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Muchas gracias por facilitarnos esta información.


Maravillosa idea, seguro k nos sirve de mucha ayuda


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