Las claves para conseguir un look de novia perfecto

The keys to achieve a perfect bridal look

The keys to achieve a perfect bridal look

We know that finding your wedding dress is difficult, and not to mention the accessories that will best match your outfit for your B-day, so in this post we are going to give you a guide so that you can discover the details that you need. you need to wear on your wedding day.

Every bride dreams of being perfect on her wedding day, you have spent months preparing your big day and defining every detail. That is why we wanted to share with you a series of tips that will help you achieve your ideal bridal look, so that you look radiant on your wedding day.

  • Your personality in your bridal look

You have to define your style, be very clear in what line you will define your bridal look, and the question you should ask yourself is "what kind of bride am I?" . Everything will revolve around your personality, so you have to feel good about yourself, comfortable with what you wear, and identify with every detail that you are going to add to your bridal outfit, in short, be authentic as a bride. For that, it is very important that you know yourself well, even if it is very difficult, there will be a series of things that you are very clear about, those answers that you will decide yourself , will be the ones that help you define yourself as a girlfriend.

bride choosing the perfect dress

Whether you decide to be a classic bride, princess-bride, sweet with a vintage style or transgressive with a more casual style ; All these trends are perfect as long as it reflects your style and your personality.

  • your wedding dress

The dress is the first thing that we must be clear about in order to choose the rest of the accessories . Everything revolves around the choice of the style you choose.

Before going out to try on dresses , it is very important that you investigate what type of bride you are. You can search for ideas on the internet, searching for both words in google, and by image, placing your idea in google images . There are also other tools that you can be inspired by, specialized bridal magazines, forums or the tools provided by the platform and one of them that you love is the search tool for the best collections of wedding dresses this year.

looking for mobile wedding dress ideas

On the other hand, you also have Pinterest as a search engine for ideas par excellence, it is a great help to see models of wedding dresses for all tastes; We also have a small selection on Odilia Bridal's Pinterest .


Another important factor when choosing a type of wedding dress cut is to think about which silhouettes best suit the shape of your body, whether the mermaid style, empire, princess cut, the type of neckline ... There are many. details and that is why you must first soak up your time through fashion blogs, specialized bridal magazines, get inspired by celebrities ... It's time to be an expert in bridal fashion!

Once the dress has been chosen, at the first test you should wear or at least be clear about the following...

  • The Traditions: Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue.

They are customs that pay homage to all your family and ancestors, and what better way to make them happy with a complement that comes from someone you love very much, since it will not only make you feel special, but that detail carries the energy of who you love. handed it over

They can be a veil that a relative gave you (something new), earrings that belong to your mother (something old), a bracelet that your sister left you (something borrowed), and a blue accessory such as a garter or some jewel (something blue.)

The bride who wears these 4 sacred objects will be happy forever, put them on thinking about their meaning and wish your own happiness so that it is! You can read its meaning in the following post: The 4 essential objects for every bride!

  • Your bridal shoes!   

Yes, now it is your turn to see what shoes you are going to complement your beautiful wedding dress with. Remember that they have to be comfortable, that you know how to walk with them, and that you are used to walking with that type of heel. You also have the option of getting used to walking in the shoes of your dreams , and what I recommend is that you practice walking in the shoes in front of a mirror. It's a matter of getting used to.

Likewise, it is best to use the type of heel that you are used to. Paraphrasing our divine Marilyn Monroe: "Give a bride the right shoes and she can conquer her wedding" .

  • Your hairstyle, what accessories to put on it?

The good thing about the hairstyle is that it does not matter if you have short or long hair, you will have a thousand options what to wear. You can wear a veil, tiara, headdress, some flowers... Whatever you have as an idea you should take to your dress fitting, so that you get a better idea of ​​how your bridal look will look.

the perfect look

To achieve your ideal bridal look with your style, we have made this small ebook so that you can download it and see for yourself, depending on the cut of your dress, a series of ideas and accessories that go with the dress of your dreams.

Do you already know how to combine your accessories with your wedding dress?

If you have any doubts, let you know that we are here for whatever you need, contact our bridal advisors for free in our chat or on our WhatsApp 627232576

Good luck with the preparations!

With love,

Odilia ❤

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