Las 7 tendencias en zapatos de novias para este verano

The 7 trends in bridal shoes for this summer

Bridal shoes are one of the essential accessories for all brides . Good shoes will make your dress look radiant on that special day.

If you want to know which are the most demanded summer bridal shoes , we will tell you what are the trends of this season below. Some summer shoes should stand out for comfort and elegant design.

Let's see what we have in Odilia Bridal . Be sure to see our trends that, in addition to being varied, are very strong. Continue reading if you are getting married this year!

Best trends in bridal shoes for summer

And who said that online bridal shoes are not a good option? Now, the options to buy shoes have varied a lot and you can have them in your hands in a comfortable and simple way, in a really short time.

Here we are going to know which are the best bridal shoes for summer , the choice will depend on your own style and the type of wedding you are going to celebrate.

Pale pink / nude shoes

It is a tone that can be confused with the color of the skin, these women's shoes make the leg look more stylized. This tone is perfect to combine with any type of dress.

Within summer bridal shoes today, brides are opting for pinker tones, leaving white shoes aside. These fashionable shoes look perfect with minimalist or princess dresses.

Nude is one of the colors of fashionable shoes , within the range of summer bridal shoes , which is why it is a great success for weddings this season. Choose from all the models that Odilia offers you: the best nude-colored shoes.

Pale pink shoes

Click on the image and discover all our pale pink or nude models of summer bridal shoes

bright colored shoes

Within the summer bridal shoes , bright colors reign. Buying colored shoes is the best way to keep your favorite color in mind on that special day.

We are talking about pink, red and lavender wedding shoes that are perfect for themed weddings ; You can also opt for light blue, silver tones or golden shoes if it is a more romantic wedding.

On the other hand, for modern weddings, shoes are used in electric blue, fuchsia and even purple tones. You can get these colors in our shoe store , among many others, we have a wide variety of original shoes .

intense shoes

Do not miss the opportunity to discover our most original shoes: click on the image.

Shiny shoes.

Shiny materials, crystals and gemstones are also very present in summer bridal shoes . They are ideal for the most glamorous, princess and avant-garde brides. If these materials are accompanied by light tones, they will be perfect for vintage-style brides.

All our shoes shine with their own light, these more.

shiny shoes

Shoes online with diamonds are very stylish and are also very elegant. Also, these shiny shoes can be worn on your wedding day, as well as on another special occasion where you want to dazzle your guests.

In ivory tones and with gold straps, they will give shine and exclusivity to your look.

Stand out on your wedding day with these summer bridal shoes.

shoes with lace

Lace will always be present in shoe sales . Currently, you will find different types of footwear , in which the lace is in the entire shoe or only in certain parts of it.

If we continue talking about summer bridal shoes with lace, the bride's foot will be further refined, which makes walking lighter, thanks to the fact that they are comfortable shoes . Lace is also perfect in nude tones.

Lace shoes can be accompanied by pompoms, fringes and even some ribbons, which makes it have a more delicate and refined effect in its flatter or thinner versions.

Become the most distinguished bride this summer with lace shoes.

embellished shoes

The shoes with decorations are the ones that we see that are accompanied by bows, rhinestones, flowers and even sequins. These summer bridal shoes are one of the best options for seasonal brides.

Perfect for brides who want to dazzle even more on this special day.

Bring detail and pampering on your feet. At your wedding you will take care of even the smallest detail .

square heel shoes

These summer bridal shoes are super comfortable to walk on. If you choose sandals attached to the ankle in our online shoe store , you will have very chic footwear.

The thick-heeled shoe is a trend, as well as being the best option for weddings in various settings, such as asphalt, grass or the countryside. They are perfect for brides who want to wear heels but are not used to them.

Elegance and style without giving up comfort. Are they made for you?

Ballerinas or wedges

If you are one of those types of brides with a hippie trend and who are also going to wear dresses with handmade details, such as crochet, this option is perfect for you. These summer bridal shoes can be worn no matter where the event is held.

If you celebrate your wedding in the countryside or on the beach, the heel will no longer be a concern for you.

Ballerina shoes go with any type of dress. They are very comfortable shoes that adapt to different types or models of wedding dresses. In addition, you can take advantage of them for any other event.

Wedge wedding shoes are very elegant, you can wear them with any style of dress, and also thanks to the wedge they are comfortable shoes for this big day. The insole of this type of shoe contains a built-in padding that provides total comfort at the wedding.

In case you don't feel that they are the right ones for the ceremony, you can use them as a second shoe for the party.

Comfort, style and bohemian design. Perfect for the wedding and the after party.

In our store, you will find the best shoes for summer brides . It does not matter that you are looking for shoes that are comfortable and of the best quality, here we have the shoe of your dreams.

We guarantee free shipping, in the size you need, with special insoles that have hidden padding, you can also get them in the colors you want.

bridal shoes

And if you don't know which one to choose and you want us to give you advice, don't hesitate to contact us . Or you can also write to us by WhatsApp at 627 23 25 76, where we will give you all the advice you need to choose the best bridal shoes for summer .

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